Monday, January 31, 2011

Happy will come when me have them.. Their like mine family.. :)

Zarith Sofea

Syahida Rosli

Zufar Dinie

Nabel Irham
Ammar Kim

Danny Kim

Look like a happy family.. Their always make me feel better if get any hard problem or getting bored..
Thx all.. I love u guys.. :)

My Best frenz is same stupid like me..!! hahaha XD

Ni la best friend yang same stupid like me..!!! still noob using a blogspot!! hahaha..
He like my family.. If i got a problem he always help me.. But usually he always got the problem not me..
hahaha... Btw he still my best frenz in the whole world..
Ni blog dia..Danny Kim

Sunday, January 30, 2011

My Playlist in Ipod Touch 4G 2010

SID - Monochrome no Kiss
Shimokawa - Alone
Uverworld - D-technolife
B2ST - Soom
B2ST - V.I.U
B2ST - Beautiful
B2ST - 니가 제일 좋아
G NA - I'll back off so you can live better
4minute - HUH
Charcoal Filter - Tightrope
The Gazette - Shiver
Aqua Times - Alones
6ixth Sense - Sepi
Justin Bieber - Stuck in the moment
Justin Bieber - That should be me
Justin Bieber - Pray
Justin Bieber - Kiss and tell
Justin Bieber - Love me
David Guetta - Gettin over you
David Guetta - One Love
All remix by DJ Blend